My universal cover is an all weather cover, which means that it will be able to protect the car from the various weather conditions. The cover is waterproof, ultra-violet resistant, and even acts as a bumper shield against any knocks and bangs so that the car doesn’t get scratched and dented whilst covered.

I will admit, some of my neighbours have very chic looking car covers. Their custom covers have logos on the front, mirror pocket, and do add a touch of class. But when all is said and done, we both pull off our covers in the morning, and both cars have been equally protected. Neither car has seen the raging weather that was over night, and both look just as clean and shiny. So why, I ask myself, is it necessary to spend so much on a fancy looking cover?!

I think I am even better off than my neighbours. Aside from having saved myself a pretty penny, I also don’t need to worry about what the weather is doing to my cover. My poor neighbours keep having to wash and clean their cover. Having spent so much on making sure the cover looks handsome, they’re busy maintaining it to be so. To me this just seems pointless. The cover was supposed to be there as a practical way of keeping your car clean and saving you the time and effort in doing so!